Welcome to Organic Kutumb, a brand deeply rooted in the heart of Rajasthan, India. We are dedicated to preserving the rich tradition of farming that has sustained our region for generations. Our story is one of heritage, sustainability, and a commitment to providing you with the purest and most wholesome products.

Our Roots in Rajasthan

Organic Kutumb takes pride in its Rajasthani heritage. Rajasthan, with its vast landscapes and diverse ecosystems, has a long history of traditional farming practices. Our brand is a tribute to the hardworking farmers of this land who have nurtured the soil and maintained the delicate balance between nature and agriculture for centuries

Transparency and Trust

We believe in transparency and want you to make informed choices. Our commitment to quality means that we source our products from trusted organic producers and provide detailed information about each product's origins and certifications. We aim to build trust with our customers by delivering on our promises and consistently offering products that meet the highest organic standards.

Join Our Kutumb

We invite you to be a part of the Organic Kutumb community and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes health, sustainability, and well-being. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where organic living is not just a choice but a way of life.

Thank you for choosing Organic Kutumb, where nature meets nurture, and every choice counts.

Traditional Farming, Modern Excellence

At Organic Kutumb, we stand firmly behind the principles of sustainable and traditional farming. We understand that the earth is not just a resource, but a living entity that deserves respect and care. Our mission is to support and promote these time-honored agricultural methods, ensuring the land remains fertile for generations to come.

Our Products

Our product range reflects the essence of Rajasthan's natural bounty, with a focus on purity and quality. When you choose Organic Kutumb, you choose products that are the result of meticulous craftsmanship and a deep love for nature:

  1. A2 Bilona Ghee: Made from the milk of free-grazing cows, our A2 Bilona Ghee is a golden elixir of health and flavor. Crafted using the traditional Bilona method, this ghee captures the essence of Rajasthan's lush pastures and the untamed spirit of our cows.

  2. Wood-Pressed Coconut Oil: Our wood-pressed coconut oil is a testament to the age-old practice of extracting oil from coconuts using wooden machinery. It retains the natural aroma and nutrients of coconuts, providing you with a wholesome cooking and skincare solution.

  3. Mutrad Oil: The purity of Rajasthan's mustard fields is encapsulated in our Mutrad oil, extracted using traditional methods. This oil is not just an ingredient; it's a symbol of our commitment to delivering the finest quality to your kitchen.

  4. Kashmiri Saffron: Our saffron, sourced from the pristine valleys of Kashmir, adds a touch of luxury to your culinary creations. Known for its vivid color and rich aroma, our saffron is a testament to the pristine nature of our sourcing.

Our Vision

At Organic Kutumb, we aspire to build a bridge between the past and the present, combining the wisdom of traditional farming with modern excellence in quality and service. Our vision is to create a sustainable future where purity, tradition, and nature coexist harmoniously.

Join our Kutumb, our family, and embark on a journey of purity, tradition, and goodness. Together, let's rediscover the beauty of Rajasthan's rich heritage and share it with the world.

Organic Kutumb - Nurturing Tradition, Embracing Purity.